Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster Pickups Stock Set Black Covers


In stock

In stock

Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster Pickups set of 2 with stock output neck and bridge pickups. Includes black covers and mounting screws. Classic Jazzmaster tone made by hand in the USA by Lindy Fralin.


  • Short AlNiCo V Magnets
  • 42-Guage Heavy Formvar Wire
  • Thick, meaty tone that’s not sharp or tinny
  • USA-Made magnets and wire, hand-wound, one at a time.


With a shorter magnet and a wider-spaced coil, Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster Replacements are a little bigger and darker sounding than regular Stratocaster or Telecaster pickups. You can expect a larger-than life, thick tone that well-balanced across the spectrum. Lows are loud and clear. Highs have a round top-end, with no sharpness found in other guitars. Single notes will have a nice, solid sonic footprint without sounding thin. Fralin Jazzmaster Replacements will take your guitar to the next level.