Lindy Fralin Wide Range Humbucker Pickups Set


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Out of stock

Lindy Fralin Wide Range Humbucker pickups set of 2 with nickel covers and vintage style single conductor leads. Fits Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Telecaster Thinline, and others. Includes mounting hardware.

“The Fralin Wide Range Humbucker is Clean, articulate, and bright. If you have a darker or dull-sounding guitar, these will breathe new life into it. Lows are big, bouncy and clear like most Fender humbucker designs. The Mids are slightly scooped with an emphasis on the high mids. This pickup is sure to cut through the mix, without sounding brittle, shrill or thin. Playing dirty, this pickup won’t break up as early as traditional humbuckers. It will still sound thick in the low mids and smooth on the top-end.”

  • Loud, bright, articulate clean tones and smooth, slightly crunchy distortion tones.
  • Same size as the original Wide Range Humbuckers
  • Threaded Alnico 5 Pole Pieces and for top-end sparkle
  • Traditional humbucker design and looks
  • USA-Made Parts, and Wound to spec, one at a time.


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