Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley La Brea Telecaster Set


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In stock

Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley Tele pickups set of 2. La Brea is a vintage spec, Telecaster set designed in collaboration with Brad Paisley, featuring smooth alnico II rod magnets in the neck and focused alnico IV rod magnets in the bridge – perfect for achieving Brad’s signature bite, snap, and twang!

The bridge model features alnico IV rod magnets, vintage-correct cloth push-back wire, vintage output of 7.44k, and classic grey forbon flatwork, giving you the wonderful open quality that you expect from a vintage pickup, but with the focused midrange that only an alnico IV magnet can provide. The neck pickup uses alnico II rod magnets alongside an output of 7.55k, and the same period-correct wire and flatwork to provide a smooth, thick neck tone. Together, they deliver the snap and twang that Brad is known for, with a round top end and full but tight lows.

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