Seymour Duncan SSL-2 Vintage Flat Strat


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Out of stock

Seymour Duncan SSL-2 Vintage Flat Strat. This true single-coil Stratocaster pickup combines the same vintage coil design as the SSL-1, with hand ground rod Alnico 5 magnets of equal length raised above the flatwork. The flat magnet pattern provides the balanced field necessary for an even response using todays strings (unwound G) and flatter neck radii, and is also a good choice for left hand guitars. The more even output response is noticed when bending strings. Like the SSL-1, the pickup is clean and vintage-like with a bright  tone that has a sharper attack characteristic compared to the APS-2. Comes with waxed cloth hookup cable and vintage-style bottom plate.

Ships with white Seymour Duncan logo cover ssl2

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