Emerson .015uF Bumblebee Paper in Oil Tone Capacitor


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Emerson .015uF Bumblebee paper in oil tone capacitor.

New Production – Made in the USA. Constructed with the finest materials. Comparable to the famous and sought after Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q Capacitors.

Emerson Paper In Oil Tone Capacitors feature:
– Guitar & Bass Friendly Physical Size ( Length: 0.875 inches x Diameter: 0.40”)
– Mil-Spec Construction (Hermetically Sealed Metal Tubular Case with Sealed glass ends)
– Sturdy 20 AWG Copper Clad Steel Leads
– True Vintage Kraft Paper in Oil Construction
– Classic Vintage looking graphics
– Accurate +- 10% Tolerance

** Internal construction of the Emerson Classics and the Emerson Bumblebee capacitors are the exact same. The only difference is the external graphics and stated capacitance values**