Glendale Twang Telecaster Saddles


Glendale Brass Saddles

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Glendale Twang Telecaster saddles set consists of an aluminum E/A saddle and brass D/G & B/E saddles. The aluminum top saddle adds highs without losing mids or lows. This is the set that Billy Gibbons and Redd Volkaert made popular.

A great set of saddles with some big advantages over stock Fender saddles. Glendale saddles are tilt-compensated for precise intonation accuracy. The height adjustment screws are spaced further apart so all strings rest completely on the top surface of the saddle, not over or up against the height adjustment screws. And the height adjustment screws are shorter, so they don’t stick up and scratch your hand!  Set of 3 with screws, springs, and adjustment wrench. Highly recommended!