Seymour Duncan Antiquity Duo-Sonic Bridge


Seymour Duncan Antiquity Duo-Sonic – Bridge

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The Seymour Duncan Antiquity Duo-Sonic bridge pickup delivers the clear, smooth tone that made these guitars so well loved. Built them with vintage correct construction, complete with the proper size pole pieces that extend slightly through the baseplate. The flat pole pattern also helps to give you the nice, even string balance that is so characteristic of the DuoSonic, and is great for both chording and fingerstyle playing. Use as a replacement for your original Duo-Sonic or to add mojo to a modern one. Great for adding balance to a Strat with lighter gauge strings.

The Antiquity for Duo Sonic uses untumbled Alnico 2 rod magnets, a custom coil wind with heavy formvar wire, cloth push-back lead wire, and each pickup is lacquered and was potted.

Seymour Duncan part# 11034-02

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