TonePros NVR2G-C AVR2 with Standard Nashville Post Tuneomatic “G Formula” Saddles Chrome


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TonePros NVR2G-C Standard locking Tune-O-Matic bridge with G Formula nylon saddles. Chrome. The NVR2 is an AVR2 style bridge that replaces the Nashville style bridge. Fits USA Gibson and others.

The TonePros Model NVR2 is a AVR2 style bridge engineered with vintage accuracy, modern technology, and compatibility in mind. This second generation AVR2 bridge is engineered to directly retrofit all Nashville style bridges, allowing for an easy transition to vintage feel and tone on modern instrument. It comes standard with Nashville style US thread posts and inserts, but is specially designed to also fit most AVR2 style posts and spacing. NVR2 maintains all of TonePros’ great locking technologies and is loaded with saddles using a special proprietary formula based on the original vintage Nylon 66 saddle material found in guitars of the late 50’s and early 60’s.